"Creamy Smooth Synth Pop Perfection"
Samantha Newark takes her warm inviting vocals and marinates them with
the best of modern synth pop songwriting to create a sound all her own.
Total ear
Best known for her Iconic voice-over roles as "Jem" and "Jerrica" in the much beloved cult favorite cartoon series
"Jem and the holograms"Samantha is currently back in the studio working on brand new music!!



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Samantha just finished up work on "HG CHICKEN AND THE CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER Starring Bobcat Goldthwait


Latest in Voice-over news!! Samantha just finished up work on "HG CHICKEN AND THE CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER From the same team that brought you the festival favorite animated "Pound dogs" HG Chicken is an animated comedy short film by Mike Salva, starring the voice talents of comedians Bobcat Goldthwait as HG Chicken, Jonathan Katz as Teak the robot, Maria Bamford as Kristal, and Todd Barry as Zee. The cast also includes Lloyd Kaufman (director of the Toxic Avenger films and Class of Nuke'Em High), Herschell Gordon Lewis (director of Blood Feast and 2000 Maniacs), Samantha Newark (voiced the title character on the animated series Jem and the holograms) and Trevor Lissauer (Sabrina the Teenage Witch).

Samantha Lands Truly outrageous "Cameo" in the up coming live action feature film "JEM"


For those of you that haven't heard the truly outrageous news yet - Jem and the holograms the live action feature film is coming to theaters October 23rd 2015. The beloved animated series has inspired a motion picture and has even reached out to the millions of original Jem fans through social media to be included in the film in many ways. Director: Jon M. Chu Writer: Ryan Landels Film Stars: Juliette Lewis, Molly Ringwald, Ryan Guzman, Aubrey Peeples, Stephanie Scott, Hayley Kiyoko,Aurora Perrineau - Samantha the original voice of Jem and Jerrica has a top secret cameo in the film


What they are saying about Sam's music

 A stylish and glittery romp through the Synth-Pop world of lust, perseverance, scandal and dreams. Samantha ignites the senses with her appetite for catchy hooks, shimmery keyboards and tasty loops - exploring everything from being at the mercy of the unknown in "Blue Sea" to championing a dream on her title track "Somethin' Good" to sex in the friendly skies with "Hands On Me'. Samantha's beautifully dynamic and expressive vocals paint sensual vignettes of desire, betrayal, love and longing. Produced by Michael Jackson's "This Is It" programmer Dave Polich, all are invited to bite into this tasty and revealing Synth Pop 2011 release from the Songbird who touts an international fan base for her iconic pop culture voice-over work as "JEM" and "JERRICA" in the beloved animated cartoon series "JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS"




Newark's synth-pop material is expertly produced. The erotic big-beat "I got everythig" is post-Abdul dance pop with all It's charms on It's shiny surface. The songs decent hook, dressed with vintage synth FX, builds drama and makes for a solid outing. Bursting with optimism "Somethin' Good" mines a similar vein with excellent vocals. Newark's voice is best on "Take me as I am" where the track takes a back seat to the singers warm maturity. In fact, the ballad is truly where she shines.



Ellen Eldridge / "Target Audience Magazine / 2012
"The Voice of JEM Creates Modern Pop Songs with Outrageous Personality"

"By Wes LuAllen -Top 25 Musical Happenings of 2011 
Samantha Newark – "Something Good
This is the first album I hit when I want to listen to my MP3s. I start with “Hands on Me”, “Milk and Honey” or “Lover” and just start shuffling through there. To say I’m not biased would be a lie. I don’t want to say that being Jem/Jerica from the 80s cartoon is the only thing that Sam has done but it certainly puts butts in the seats so if I have to say that’s what she’s famous for to get people in the door to hear this amazing album, then so be it. Don’t pigeonhole her because you’ll just embarrass yourself. The album is great and her voice is amazing. This album almost slipped through my fingers and I’m damn glad it didn’t.


GAY.NET / 2012 "Somethin' Good is somethin' great!" 
"With each track written by Newark herself Samantha is a storyteller as well - Somethin' Good is Playful, vulnerable and sultry, an absolute joy for any fan of synth-pop—or lover of great music for that matter. Expressive, cleaver and compulsively catchy, Somethin’ Good is everything a great pop album should be."


 Travis Andrion
"Creamy Smooth Synth Pop Perfection - Samantha Newark takes her warm inviting vocals and marinates them
with the best of modern synth pop to create a sound all her own -Total ear candy!"



'Somethin' Good"
by Johnny M. Sugar
Samantha Newark's new album a number of electronic styles into a coherent whole, stocked top to bottom with melodic hooks, jumping synths, and a sly, winking humor. Retro harmonies mesh effortlessly with a future-forward attitude that practically leaps from the speakers. More than anything, the album sounds sincere, the product of an artist who knows what she wants. Samantha Newark has created an album all her own. It is, of course, truly outrageous, but it’s also the work of a serious, dedicated artist following her own muse with amazing results. Jem would be proud.

SAMANTHA NEWARK - known to many as the speaking voices of the pop culture vav cartoon JEM is also a
really talented Singer/Songwriter with a pure and sultry voice. Her latest Dance / Pop release "Somethin' Good" is a fun n' sexy trip with a little new wave flavor and Prince-esque flair. Tracks to check out "I Got Everything", "Hands On Me","Blue Sea", "Lover".