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(CONVENTION EXCLUSIVE) Very limited  Pink vinyl of "HOLOGRAM" With Truly Outrageous Sara Richard JEM/JERRICA cover artwork!! Sam will autograph the cover 
Check out Sara's glorious artwork here!!!

(CONVENTION EXCLUSIVE) Very limited Pink vinyl of "HOLOGRAM" With Truly Outrageous Sara Richard JEM/JERRICA cover artwork!! Sam will autograph the cover DOWNLOAD OF HOLOGRAM INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE OF PINK VINYL Check out Sara's glorious artwork here!!!

Music Review: "Hologram" The newest album by Samantha Newark arrives in a flurry of vintage synthesizers, warm vocals, and powerful beats that would make Jem -- the cartoon character Newark voiced in the 80s -- shimmer with pride. With one foot in the past and one in the future, Newark and producer Dave Polich have created an album that truly sounds like a modern-day incarnation of Jem and the Holograms themselves. Newark's liquid, jewel-tone vocal -- aided by a precise sense of phrasing -- flows through the electro/pop/rock/glam sound beds with confidence and precision. Newark and Polich maintain a solid sonic palette throughout the album, keeping grounded in their center while also exploring variations on it, such as in the anthemic "Rain" or the grinding "Freakshow." Opening track "Suga Vice" rings with an echo of Marina and the Diamonds' bratty glam slam, while album highlight "Boy Toys" with its disco-rock beat, horn stabs, and layered vocals sounds like a vintage anime theme song. The album's title track plays with psychidelica, while closer "Ecstasy" is an homage to the chilly Eurohouse that made Ladytron a name. (Both of those last tracks also feature some of Newark's most vulnerable and naked vocals, as well.) If "Hologram" has anything going against it, it's the length of its songs. Most of the tracks are around three minutes or less, and the album itself barely clocks in at 40 minutes total. That means that often the songs are given less room to breathe and evolve. Tracks like "Heartbeat City" build and build with a delicious, organic vibrancy but end far too abruptly. But, like the best of the songs from "Jem", Newark and Polich still make these short songs as catchy and vital as the best pop despite their abbreviated length. Fans of Newark's animated career will find much to love here, with many of the tracks working as shout-outs to classic 80s pop and dance. Newcomers will still appreciate the colorful production and Newark's confident vocals that focus more on solid melodies and less on vocal acrobatics. While the whole project could have been longer, what's here is as striking and memorable as the pink hair of Jem herself.”

— Johnny M Gayzmonic

This morning's jam: "Hologram," the new album from Samantha Newark, was released online today, and it's as delightfully disco/electro/dance/hot-pink/80s-infused as I could have hoped. I'm sure Sam needs no introduction to most of my friends list as the iconic voice of Jem and Jerrica from Jem and the holograms!! ”

— Paul F. P. Pogue

OMG, Samantha!! I love your album! It was worth the wait & Starbucks coffee I sacrificed to buy it! I especially loved the title track "Hologram". Total Jem vibes there! I cant wait to get & frame my CD! ”

— Mina Strange

So I've gotta give a shout out to the amazing Samantha Newark! Your new album Hologram is astounding! Been listening to it all day and can't wait to get my pink vinyl in the mail. I'm a director of a local drag troop and the DJ and you better believe I always make a point to play your music during shows, so can't wait to throw a few of these new ones in the mix. ”

— Jesse Ward

Listening to Samantha Newark's new album and let me tell you that it is FIRE! OMG Its so so so so good! Definitely going to be adding some of these tracks to my DJ set! Way to go Sam!!! You did us proud!! ”

— Topher Benton

Wonderful Samantha Newark! I downloaded the songs! I couldn't stop listening to all of them! The album is energetic, upbeat, cheerful and has 80's feeling! From first listening my fave songs are: "Rain", "Hologram", "Repeat offender", "Suga Vice", "Heartbeat City", but I think that all the songs are great and good! You can tell how much effort and emotion put into the album! Well done ”

— ‎Michal Zborovsky‎

All Systems are GO!! Congratulations, Samantha!!! Thank-you for your artistry: you've truly created something very special. I'll say it again: this is your strongest & most sophisticated record to date. 12 futuristic tracks of pure ear candy & glittery bliss. You should feel very, very proud of yourself for this brilliant, stellar record. These are your 12 precious babies and they’ll find their way into the hearts of your thousands of fans. It’s like I’m opening up 12 new Transformer toys all at once and their novelty will never wear out. To those JEM & Transformer fans who haven't yet purchased, please give serious thought to downloading this superb record. You won't regret this glamorous holographic journey through time & space. LOVE!!! ”

— Philip Leong-Sit

I am currently listening to this album, and I wanna say you have a massive hit on your hands here. This is gonna go into some heavy ass rotation on my iPod. Especially "Repeat Offender" and "Danger After Dark" PROUD OF YOU! Excellent job!”

— Roy Buckingham

My favorites: Hologram, Danger in the Dark, Common Ground and Freakshow!!!! well... they're ALL great!!! congrats Samantha on this FANTASTIC music!!!!”

— Tiffany Belle

Beautifully made album! The song Hologram in particular will be in my head for weeks. Thank you Samantha, and all the generous contributors who made this a reality!”

— Ryan Tamulevicz

I love Hologram. It's my current goto album in my mp3 player. It's refreshing and while I love every track, Common ground is my favorite one. My 13 year old niece loves Heartbeat city. Everyone should listen to Samantha Newark's new album Hologram.”

— Dana Collard

Hi Samantha! I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I absolutely love Hologram. Every song is so fun, I can't even pick a favorite. The entire album shines. It's so warm and the entire thing plays as a love letter to your fans. Every note is perfect and your voice has never sounded more beautiful. Thank you for this gift to us. I love it.”

— Gene Faaborg

I would like to say I LOVE this new album! It really captures a time of joy, adventure and nostalgia for the show, Jem and the Holograms. It also has a mix of The Misfits and The Stingers all in one. Great job!!!”

— Marcus MadCat Dennis

"A funky mix with the flavors of techno, trance, and industrial; a few strong thumpers, with Samantha's voice floating above it all"”

— Todd Storey